Differences between Natural and Conventional Cosmetics

For you to see it in a simple way, we show you with very clear examples, with the list of ingredients of 2 products of conventional cosmetics of well-known brands, a cleansing gel, and a moisturizing anti-aging cream, used by many women in their day a day.

Let’s see and analyze their composition. There is no need to delve much into the listing so that at first glance we notice several ingredients.

Cleaning gel

Those that end in -ETH, such as sodium Laureth, are substances that have undergone a ethoxylation process and may contain impurities with carcinogenic activity, liquid paraffin, a silicone that prevents the skin from “breathing”, phenoxyethanol, a preservative Synthetic bactericidal with irritating effect, limited to areas of the diaper area in children under 3 years due to toxicity, parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben or butylparaben), which act as preservatives, and are considered endocrine irritants and disruptors that alter the hormonal balance, DISODIUM EDTA (very harmful chelator), alcohol (which makes the skin very dry and impairs its balance) or FRAGRANCE (perfume), behind which multiple chemical substances are hidden.

Anti-aging Moisturizing Cream

In this case, without the need for heavy ingress in INCI, we are already: LIQUID PARAFFIN, which is a petroleum derivative, PEGs and Dimethicone, which are silicones (those soluble in water or PEG increase the absorption capacity of the skin and DISODIUM EDTA (harmful chelating agent), PARABENS (methylparaben, ethylparaben), irritants and endocrine disruptors, or PARFUM / FRAGRANCE (which includes multiple chemical substances that we do not know) .

Its composition leaves no doubt: a multitude of harmful chemicals, which act as powerful allergens, sensitizers, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic, hepatotoxic or possible carcinogens.


However, here you have the INCI of some natural cosmetic products, a clear example of the incredible difference, based on an excellent composition based on water, essential oils and plant extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Bergamot and Lima Schmidt Deodorant


What ingredients does it have? Shea butter, maranta, candelilla, cocoa butter, bicarbonate of soda, essential oils (in this case Lima and bergamot), vitamin E and hop extract. Nothing more and nothing less! What do you think? Efficient and durable protection without the need for chemicals.

Moisturizing Nutritive Sensitive Skin Bio of Matarrania

Cream of Matarrania

And Matarrania? A pure delight for the senses. A moisturizer formulated with extra virgin olive oil, calendula flowers, organic sunflower oil, virgin rose hip oil, ecological cold pressure, and virgin bees wax.

Naturkosmetik Berlin I + M moisturizing cream

Hydrating Creams

Do not be left behind other creams like this I + M, with water, aloe vera and jojoba oil as main ingredients, in addition to almond oil, Cetearyl alcohol (which is a vegetable oil), vitamin E, vegetable glycerin or extract Of the fruit of the vanilla.

Aleppo soap

And watch out for the Aleppo soap ingredient list! As simple and as complete as this:

Olive oil: it is moisturizing and antioxidant.
Laurel oil: it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.
Sodium hydroxide: necessary for the saponification process.
Pure spring water.
We hope that this post has been useful to you, and above all, it helps you to make us more aware of what products we use on our skin. Health always comes first!

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