Daily care for beautiful skin

The skin, if properly cared for and hydrated every day, will look nice at any age. Due to lack of time or budget, we can not constantly go to a beauty center, but we can obtain very similar results and even the same simply following a daily routine and being constant.

In addition to a daily care (very important point), it is advisable to follow some facial and body treatment about once a week, such as peels and face masks, and other monthly such as peelings in more depth or skin cleansing.

The daily maintenance routine of the skin is the same for all skin types, but depending on the characteristics of each skin type the treatment to be followed will change.

From Pure Skincare we want to show you what daily care you need to take care of your skin. Now you can have a nice skin easily, you just have to remember these 3 fundamental keys:

Moisturized skin

Eye contour cream

Clean skin

This step is the basis of the whole process, it depends on our skin is receptive to the treatment and then look beautiful. It will vary depending on the type of skin, but basically, the operation is the same.

Before specifying according to skin types, for everyone it is important to have 2 things in mind:

Cleaning: in the morning and at night, specifically before bed and just get up.

Never go to sleep with dirty or makeup. You can clean it with micellar water or milk make-up remover and a cotton or make-up remover.

Oily skin

If your skin is greasy, you should help with products that are rinsed with water to do the cleaning.

You can use foams or face cleansing gel, which you have to apply in circles after moistening the face. It is important that you insist on the fattiest areas (front, nose, and chin). Then rinse with plenty of water, then with the help of a cotton applicator tonic around the area, thus eliminate excess fat. The most effective is a somewhat astringent tonic.

Mixed skins

If your skin tends more to be fat than dry, it is advisable that you use the products for oily skin.

In the morning you can clean with a facial tonic or micellar water, but at night it is important that the cleaning is deep, so the ideal is to use a foam or a cleaning gel that is rinsed with water. If the day is hot, it is advisable to use the same product in the morning as at night, thus you will have cleaner skin.

Dry skin

This type of skin has closed pores and does not become so dirty, but anyway cleaning is important because we will eliminate dead cells and the skin will look sharper.

In this case, it is not advisable to use water, as it will promote dryness and will not moisturize. It is best to use the facial cleanser, oil or micellar water specific for sensitive skin and that has a high content of moisturizing agents.

If you choose the facial cleanser, apply it with the hand starting with the eyes towards the rest of the face, forming circles on the skin for a cleaner and more hydrated skin.


Oily skin

If your skin is really fat, you do not need daily moisturizers. On some occasions, it may become dehydrated, but you can correct it with gels, serum or oil-free creams. The most common problem with this type of skin is flaccidity, which you can combat with skin treatments that strengthen the skin. Silicon or low-acid gels will help your skin produce collagen to look smoother.

At night do not use any product to hydrate. If you get some granite, use a specific product for it.

Mixed skins

In this type of skin, the area “T” is more fat, while the rest is drier. Needs hydration in the morning, once the cleaning has been done. At night is when you can apply wrinkle repair and prevention treatments, such as growth factors or stem cells.

The best, in this case, are creams with hyaluronic acid, minerals and vitamins will help prevent or improve expression wrinkles as well as dehydration.

Dry skin

If your skin is dry, you need to take better care of your hydration. Your skin does not secrete enough fat naturally to keep the skin hydrated, so it is necessary to provide it externally with the help of moisturizers. In this case, 2 creams will be used: one by day and one by night. Do not forget to use them for a single day for the treatment of work.

The cream of the day will provide hydration, so it has to be specific for dry skin and contain components such as hyaluronic acid that helps to bring water to your skin. The night will nourish you, so it is ideal that is enriched with rosehip oil, argan or jojoba.

Sunscreens are also very important for this type of skin, because being thinner, has a tendency to appear spots.


The eye contour is a very delicate area, since there the skin is much thinner, and that is why the cream in that area is fundamental.

Oily skin

The fact that you do not need so many moisturizers does not mean that you can neglect the eye contour. The main problem with this type of skin is that you can make bags by accumulating fat or even cholesterol plaques in that area and under the eyebrows.

It uses a gel-like eye contour that activates the circulation and does not contribute more fat to the skin.

Mixed skins

If you have normal skin you should take care of the eye contour the same as the rest of skins, in order to avoid the formation of wrinkles, eye bags or even simple congestion when getting up.

Dry skin

This type of skin is more noticeable expression wrinkles, so it is important to use an eye contour both in the morning and at night. If it is cream, it must be fat and it has to be applied in circles to facilitate absorption.

We hope these instructions will help you to take better care of your skin.

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