Beautiful skin

The normal skin or mixed tendency is the one that has the part T a little more fat. You need daytime moisturizing once the skin has been cleansed.

The ideal cream is the one that will protect against the cold in winter and when it starts to make good weather, or if you live in warmer places, I advise using it with sunscreen to avoid skin blemishes.

These skins can use the same cream during the day as at night, and really, unless they have suffered excessive cold or the tendency of dryness is not essential a nourishing cream. Although at night is when we can apply wrinkle repair and prevention treatments, such as growth factors or stem cells.

The creams that I advise are those that avoid dehydration and wrinkles of expression, so I would give them a cream with minerals and vitamins, as well as some floral element that will help improve the texture of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid creams will help improve wrinkles.

Dry skin
Beautiful skin

These skins are the ones that at this point will need more dedication and care, especially when choosing the most appropriate treatment.

Dry skin, do not secrete the follicles so much fat, so you have to provide it externally, we have to replace this fat that we do not naturally have.

For this, you should not forget one day of day cream and night cream.

I advise using two different creams, one day and another for the night, since while we sleep is the time when the skin will regenerate, you can put more cream ( since it does not matter that the skin shines ) and the skin will Be more receptive.

Day cream has to be specific for dry skin, slightly more creamy than other types of skin, the ideal is those with moisturizing components such as hyaluronic acid that will help provide water to the skin. The night creams are ideal that are enriched with rose type mosque, argan oil or jojoba oils. What we call nutritional creams.

These skins need their time of application, the absorption will be faster but this will oblige many times to repeat the operation. If we make the cream emulsion on the skin, massaging it, it will be much more effective.

Sunscreens are also very important for this type of skins, because being thinner, they are more prone to staining.

The cream for the eye contour is one of the fundamental, this part of the face is much thinner, making it much more sensitive to both aging and dryness and wrinkles also expression.

Fat-prone skin
These skins, as they do not need as many creams for hydration and nutrition in general, so there is a risk of neglecting the area around the eyes. In that area the sebaceous glands are located in the lower part of the eye. The main problem of this type of skins is to make bags by accumulating of fat or until plates of cholesterol in that zone and under the eyebrows.

Beautiful skin

There are no creams that eliminate these fatty accumulations, however, it is necessary to use gel-like eye contours that activate the circulation and do not contribute more fat to the skin and above all try to avoid them.

The sagging of the eyelid is more frequent in the oily skin than in the dry ones, due to, among other reasons, the skin is thicker and weighs more.

Normal or mixed tendency skin
Normal skin should take care of the eye contour the same as the rest of the skin, to avoid the formation of wrinkles, eye bags or even simple congestion when rising.

That is why you can use any type of cream that is appropriate for the right problem, it is, for example, if there are bags or congestion, I advise before a cream more fluid in the form of a gel, however, if it is to avoid the formation of wrinkles Expression is best in cream form.

Beautiful skin

Dry skin
The dry skins, mark more wrinkles of expression, which we popularly call “crow’s feet”. That is why it is essential to use an eye contour cream both in the morning and at night. The cream has to be more oily or greasy, the way of application is also important, in a circular and constant form until obtaining a good absorption of the same.

Obviously, the world of cosmetics is huge and often a bit confusing to buy one or the other, I think it is positive not to acquire the whole “complete kit ” of the same brand unless it is very specific, I prefer to look for the most suitable product Each cosmetic line.

Also, the value for money is important, since not the most expensive product is the most suitable for all types of skins. That is why the fundamental thing is good advice at the moment of acquiring them and of course the own experience.

Beautiful skin

On the idea of changing brands or products often, it is true in quotes, for example, it is important not to abuse acid creams, which is why it is important to rest seasons, even after using some creams for too long followed, the Skin can become reactive to them.

Other people use the same creams all their lives and do not have any need to change them, although these creams are usually quite basic and with few assets.

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